Rome Colosseum Night Tour

For ages 6 and up, the Colosseum guided tour will take visitors to the underbelly of the Colosseum where they hear stories of the conditions of the inhabitants.

Rome Colosseum Night Tour | Guided Underground Arena Tour

From  70 | Duration – 2.5 hours | Skip the line | Rome Colosseum Night Tour By An Expert Guide

Magical Rome Colosseum Night Tour

Our guide will show you the beauty of the Colosseum in the moonlight or moonless night. This enchanting experience cannot be missed. Book Now!


  • Skip the line tour

  • English speaking tour guide

  • Expert guide

  • Headsets as required


  • Hotel pick-up drop off not available

  • Tipping is optional

What To pack:


  • ID

  • Empty water bottles (fill later in the fountains inside the Colosseum)

  • Wear comfortable shoes

What is banned:

  • Strollers

  • Camera tripod stands/selfie sticks

  • Large bags or backpacks

  • Weapons

Children/Disabled Visitors:

This tour is not suitable for children under the ages of 6 and those with visibility or mobility impairment in the dark.

Magica Rome Colosseum Night Tour - short description

About Rome Colosseum Night Tour 

If you wish to experience the Colosseum without the maddening rush of crowds, then book your tour now. The tour starts with Michelangelo – he designed the Campidoglio, which is one of the most exquisite squares in Rome, located just outside the Capitoline Museums. From there, your guide will lead you to a viewing point where, as dusk falls into evening, you will be able to view the historic centre of Rome all the way to the sanctuary of the Vestal Virgins who in the past kept the fires burning for the prosperity and security of Rome. You will also be able to view the ruins of temples and arches. See if you can spot Trajan’s Column as well as Ceaser’s Forum further down the hill. The tour then heads to the Colosseum and visiting the Colosseum at night is very different from the day. There is an air of mystery as your guide leads you to the underbelly, the underground part of the Colosseum where you will learn about the trapdoors, tunnels and passages and imagine what it was like for the inhabitants below as they waited for their fate above.

About Rome Colosseum Night Tour - long description


The tour begins on the platform right in front of Trajan’s Column, which is on Via Dei Fori Imperiali nearby Piazza Venezia. When facing the Victor Emmanuel II Monument, it’s directly to the left across the street. A tour coordinator will be waiting there wearing either a blue jacket or polo shirt with the City Wonders logo printed on it. By taxi: Ask the driver to drive you to Piazza Foro Traiano. As you enter the Piazza, you’ll see the 30m high Trajan’s Column and go up the steps on the nearby platform. The meeting time is 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

Highlights of rome colosseum night tour

Visit after the crowds are long gone

Enjoy the tranquility of the night and the majestic surroundings

Rome Colosseum Underground experience

Are you going to be creeped out? Imagine how the animals and gladiators would have felt

Night at the Roman Forum

View the ancient sites of Rome from atop and visualise what it would have looked like in its full glory

The ultimate Colosseum Tour Experience


I saw the Colosseum in the past, and I have always marveled at Roman architecture and ingenuity. Because of this, I wanted to experience a different twist, so I opted for the night tour. This kind of tour is rather new. It was a very nice experience to see this landmark in a different light. Highly recommended!

Barbara Loretti

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