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Everything You Need To know About The Colosseum Opening Hours

Colosseum Best Visit Times | What You Can Visit | Colosseum Etiquette To Be Observed

 Entry is available one hour before closure. On June 2nd, the Colosseum will open at 13.30 – Italian National Day. The Colosseum is closed on Jan 1 and Dec 25th.

Have You Planned On Visiting The Colosseum, But Worried About The Timings?

We guide you to the best which is on offer at the Colosseum so that you can maximise your visit to Rome.

Visiting Rome and not visiting the Colosseum is just not possible. Yes, you can visit the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica, (we offer those tours too!) but, not visiting the Colosseum… Many visitors assume that the Colosseum is open every day of the year but do look out for opening hours as it may vary. With the gladiators and animals, but a distant memory, and the roars of the crowds now muted, the old arena still attracts millions of visitors a year. It is advisable to plan in advance as tours are sold out very quickly as there is a limit to the number of visitors allowed in on any given day. This is to protect the ruins and allow for visitors to enjoy the grounds and the beauty of the site.

Colosseum Opening Time

Colosseum Opening Time

The Colosseum opens from 08:30 am every morning.


  • On June 2nd, the Colosseum will open at 13.30 – Italian National Day.
  • The Colosseum normally closes between 16.30-17.00 in winter and 19.15 in summer
  • December 25th and January 1st – The Colosseum is closed

Colosseum Opening Hours For 2020/2021

Making the most of your Colosseum visit

Making The Most Of Your Colosseum Visit

Before even setting foot in the Colosseum, take a moment to enjoy the monument from the outside as you are awestruck my its magnitude and size. To fully understand its grandeur, the best access is through the large avenue of Via Dei Fori Imperiali. From here, you will be able to view the façade of the Colosseum’s exterior. With over 8o entrances, stairs, and corridors; there is so much to explore. Even today, stadiums are designed following the rules of construction inspired by the Colosseum. In past the past, the stands would be filled with 50,000 to up to 80,000 spectators in a matter of minutes. Today, if you are visiting the Colosseum, you would be entering from the south entrance and will require patience as this has become a world-class attraction. It is best to book in advance and purchase Skip-The-Line tickets. There are five levels in the Colosseum and most tours start on the second level.

The Magnificence Of The Colosseum Arena

If you think that class differences exist today, you only need to look back at history. Once the spectators had entered the arena, they were seated by the social order. The first level was reserved for the Emperor and his senators, followed by well-off citizens and merchants on the second level. The third level was for the locals, and the marketplace became abuzz on the fourth level. The fifth level, the top of the arena, was reserved for the poor. Now, that covers the seating arrangement. But, what about where the action took place- on the actual arena! Besides gladiator fights, other events took place as well, such as mock sea battles where it is believed that the pits were filled with water. There were also chariot races organized. The arena that you see today is actually called a Hypogeum. This is a vast underground network of tunnels, rooms, cells where the animals, and gladiators were all kept under lock and key, only to be released for the spectacle to be displayed later on. The arena floor in those times was covered by wooden flooring and sand which allowed for a firm platform for what was to unfold.

The magnificence of The Colosseum Arena - long description

Know That You Know The Colosseum Opening Hours, It’s Time To Book Today!


Visit the Colosseum with our Rome Guided Tours and discover the secrets of the Colosseum.

Colosseum Guided Tours And Tickets Information


Purchasing a regular ticket to visit the Colosseum gains you entrance to the first and second floor of the spectator arena. However, if you purchase a Guided Tour, you will gain access to both above and the underbelly of the Colosseum and experience more areas that are allowed to a regular ticket holder. The purchase of your tour also includes the Roman Forum, the heart of ancient Rome once, and Palatine Hill, considered one of the seven magical hills of Rome which are adjacent to the Colosseum.

How Much time does it take to explore the colosseum?

If you are self-touring, you can complete the Colosseum tour in an hour or two, where you can soak in the site and take amazing photos. Guided tours can last a little longer; up to 3 hours as your expert guide takes you to different areas of the ruins as well as tell tells from the past.

Free Entry To The Colosseum?


A ticket is required for the Colosseum. The only exception is the first Sunday of every month, where the Colosseum is free to the public. Be prepared for extended waiting periods to get in. There are many tours on offer, and as such, the pricing differs for each tour. Some tours are not suitable for wheelchair access, so read the tour details carefully prior to booking.

Top Tips For Visiting The Colosseum

Airport Style Security Checks/Monitoring

Besides the Colosseum, there are security checkpoints at various other ancient sites in Rome. Just like going through for checks before boarding a plane, you will need to empty your pockets and jackets. It is advisable to travel light as large luggage is not allowed in at the Colosseum. Your items will be placed through an X-ray machine. You will be screened as well. If you have a pacemaker, please bring your certificate, and let the security staff member know. Please co-operate with the security staff and do not bring anything in which will delay you from entering the Colosseum.

Prohibited Items at the Colosseum

It is strictly forbidden to enter the Colosseum with a large backpack or luggage (like hand luggage or even a big suitcase). Just like the airport, the following items are deemed dangerous and cannot be brought into the Colosseum, and they include:

  • Knives

  • Weapons

  • Fireworks

  • Explosives

  • Full water or glass bottles

  • Deodorant Sprays

You can fill your empty water bottles at the Colosseum or Roman Forum at the many available water fountains.

Toilets access

The toilets are located on the ground floor just after the entrance. Do note that you could be waiting a while to get through the entrance and then may have to wait a little longer to queue up to use the toilets.

The Colosseum for disabled and wheelchair-bound visitors

The Colosseum warmly welcomes disabled and wheelchair visitors. Admissions are free for these visitors as well as their guide who is from a EU (European Union country). A non-EU guide will pay standard tickets. Toilets and lifts for the disabled are available too.

Pickpockets – Be wary of them

Be very careful of someone brushing close to you. Keep all your bags zipped and be vigilant at all times as Rome is infamous for its pickpockets due to the density of tourists every day of the year.

Top Three Tips To Enjoy The Rome Colosseum


Read the tips and book from an exiting selection of tours

1. Stop Waiting For Hours To Get In and Book Your Tickets Online

It is better to have your tickets before you arrive at the Colosseum. The waiting times will be much less, and you can get right into exploring the Colosseum

2. Buy 2 In One Ticket And Visit The Colosseum and Roman Forum

 Once you have explored the Colosseum, you can go straight to the security gates of the Roman Forum to visit this lovely attraction which is adjacent. Yes, you do not have to wait in long lines. There is no need to purchase two separate tickets when one ticket offers you two attractions! 

3. Book A Rome Guided Tour For An Experience Like None Other

The best part of booking a guided tour is to skip the lines; the lines can be very long if you decide to purchase tickets at the entrance. An experienced guide can give you an immersive experience which is not possible if you are touring on your own. A guided tour will also take you to parts of the Colosseum which are not accessible to standard ticket holders. However, if you prefer to take it easy, away from the crowd, then you have the option to download a free audio guide and explore the site on your own.

FAQ – About Visiting The Colosseum

Can I enter the inside of the Colosseum?

You will need to purchase a ticket. Something many visitors are not aware of is that the Standard ticket only covers access to the standing tiers of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. You will need to purchase special tickets to gain more access to other parts of the Colosseum. 

Is entry free?

Yes, it is available for free entry on the 1st Sunday of every month. Disabled visitors have free entry along with their EU guide.

What Is your recommendation of seeing the Colosseum the best way?

We strongly suggest that you book in advance as lines to enter the Colosseum can be very long, and in summer, it can get very hot and humid. As there is much to discover at the Colosseum, a Rome Colosseum Guided Tour would be the best option.

Is entry to the Roman Forum free?

The Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum now all form part of the standard ticket. The Roman Forum is part of your guided tour if you have selected a guided tour option.

How much time do I need to explore the Colosseum, and can I tour it on my own?

Without a guide – 1hour aproximatively.

With a guide – 1.5-3 hours depending on the tour you select.

Yes, you are allowed to freely roam the Colosseum and soak in the beauty of the ancient ruins.

What are the best Colosseum visiting times?

To avoid the crowds and long waiting lines, it is suggested to enter the Colosseum as soon as it opens at 08.30 or an hour before the last entry. If possible, plan your trip mid-week to avoid the weekend crowds. November to February is considered low season, so it may be a good idea to plan your trip at the Colosseum at that time.

Am I allowed to bring a filled bottle of water into the Colosseum?

Only empty bottles are allowed in the Colosseum. There are many fountains located in the complex, and so you can fill your bottles once you have entered.

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