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Visiting Rome Colosseum - tips & tricks

The Insider Top Tips For Visiting The Rome Colosseum


It’s the Colosseum. One of the most exciting attractions on the planet and drew 7.5 million visitors last year!

So, yes, the Colosseum is a bustling attraction – lots of visitors and lots to see. So, we have compiled for you some insider tips on making your trip to the Colosseum enjoyable as you soak in the flavours of ancient Rome.

#1 Buy one attraction and get to see two others

When you are purchasing tickets online to visit the Rome Colosseum, most tour companies now combine Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum as part of the ticketing. So, you no longer need to purchase separate tickets to view these amazing attractions to which surround the Colosseum and are historically very rich as well.

#2 Purchase advance tickets for Rome Colosseum

This is one of the top tips. The lines can stretch for long as this is a top-rated attraction. And if you can, purchase the Skip The Line Tickets so that you show your tickets directly at the Colosseum entrance gates. The peak season tends to be between April and October, so if your trip is planned during that time, it is highly advisable to get your tickets online.

#3 Plan a decent time for your visit and understand the Colosseum History

If you have decided to skip a guided tour and prefer a leisure stroll, then put aside an hour to an hour and a half as. Download the audio guides and hear the fascinating stories as you walk and explore the area. If you are also planning to visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, you need to take in about 3-4 hours.

4# Read up online or buy a book of the Colosseum

If you want to be surprised, then do not do this. But if you wish to learn a little more about the history of the Rome Colosseum, you can read about it online or purchase a Rome guide book so that you know and become aware of what you would like to explore in Rome. Some visitors prefer to view online videos such as those on YouTube to get a sense of excitement and feel of what is to come.

5# Keep the stilettos at home

Seriously, wear comfortable footwear. There is climbing of steps and uneven terrain. You have to be wary of the uneven cobblestone. As you will be walking for a while, a good pair of trainers or running shoes is ideal.

6# Bring a handy camera

The reason why we recommend handy is that the Colosseum is a crowded tourist attraction. Tripods and selfie sticks are not allowed in the grounds of the Colosseum. These days mobile phones and digital cameras do the trick just fine. Also, some part of the Colosseum with its uneven terrain may pose a risk to the visitor or their equipment.

7# Tight security

Imagine you are at the airport going through a security scan. The same applies at the Colosseum. Large backpacks and luggage are strictly not allowed, and water bottles have to be emptied out. However, they are many water fountains where the bottles can be filled up.

8# Book for a day tour and a night tour

Yes, do it. The Colosseum is enchanting and magical in the evening. To see the Colosseum lit up is an experience worth a try while in Rome.

9# Book a guided tour

For the best experience, book a Rome Colosseum tour to get the most out of your visit to this colossal monument. An experienced guide will take you on a tour to parts of the Colosseum which is usually not accessible to standard ticket holders. You will not only gain an understanding of the Colosseum History but realise how important it was for the Colosseum Rome to be UNESCO protected.

10# Do not mix the Colosseum and Vatican in the same tour

Some visitors feel that they can push themselves and see both the attractions on the same day. Unless you are very pressed for time, it is best to tour both these attractions on separate days. Each has its charm and history and there is much to explore, absorbed and enjoyed.

11# Is the Colosseum disable friendly?

Yes, some parts of the Colosseum are accessible for the disabled. A disabled visitor and their companion/guide have free entry to the Colosseum. There are toilets as well as an elevator. Some tour operators do offer wheelchair tours where it is then possible to view the underground with the help of the tour guide to manoeuvre the cobblestoned path.

12# The Way Of The Cross

If you happen to be travelling to Rome in April, then make sure you do not miss out the procession which starts around 9 pm and starts from the Colosseum to Palatine Hill. The Pope leads a solemn procession through 14 stations of the cross signifying the journey of Christ’s passion and his death. Pilgrims carry a cross around each of these stations to signify the suffering that Christ would have gone through and in some parts, the Pope carries the cross too.

13# Sundays are free on the first day of the month

This is only for the brave. You need to get there much earlier than 08.30 opening time and be ready to stand in the very long lines to get in. Be prepared as only three thousand visitors are allowed at a time in the Colosseum. So, if possible, avoid a Sunday visit.